What is ROPS and FOBS ?

ROPS is “roll over protection structures”, and FOBS is “fall over protection structures”.

A strengthen or re-inforced structure, built-in, or optional, outside or inside the vehicles cab, must protect the operator or driver, and passengers, from injuries, and fatality in the case of an incident.

Manufacturers of  Mine equipment, like Front End Loaders ( FEL), build their machines to ROPS certification standards, and

the information is usually located inside the operators compartment.

ROPS standard certification is usually also indicated in the Users Manual of the Machine, or vehicle.

For vehicles without manufacturer certification, you can buy and install optional protection structures from certified

manufacturers, that can be attached outside the vehicle cab,  or inside the cab.

Confirm the specifications with your local Mine authority.

The strength of the structure will be reduced if it is damaged due to a rollover. ROPS are certified structures and cannot

be repaired. Any damage to the ROPS structure will require replacement of the structure to retain the certification.

Always fasten your seat belt when you operate the machine, or drive a vehicle.

It is forbidden to drill holes or weld inside or outside , or change anything of the cab. This will damage the integrity of the ROPS structure.

If the cab is to be modified in any way, first contact your local dealer to avoid damaging the ROPS structure.


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